PLC & HMI Based Panel

Programmable logic controller (PLC) control panels or also known as PLC Automation Panel are one of the most important and efficient kinds of control panels. Which are generally used in variety of electronic and electrical circuit fittings?

PLC Control Panels we manufacture are highly capable of giving higher output at less power consumption. Integrated with solid PLC logic and flawless PLC hardware programming.

A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is defined as a feature or component of a certain device or software application that enables humans to engage and interact with machines. Some examples of common Human Machine Interface devices that we encounter in our daily lives include touchscreens and keyboards.

Medium-sized PLC

  • AM600 – motion controller
  • AM400 – economical motion controller

Small-sized PLC

  • H3U – high performance PLC
  • H2U-XP – general purpose PLC
  • H1U-XP – economical PLC
  • H0U-XP – integrated display and control

Special functions

  • MTQ
  • MTP
  • 8A91G
  • 8AB
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